Company Information

Hungarian High Tech Investment&Service Ltd. team approaches its job based on its awareness of the fact that China and Europe are distant from one another, not only in a geographical sense – there are also huge differences between the roots of both cultures and their respective traditions. Correspondingly, business processes also often work differently. At the same time, we also believe that there are huge opportunities inherent in these very differences and divergences. These opportunities are worth exploiting. In the 21'st century, overcoming vast physical distances has become a lot easier than at any time heretofore. Hence the 8-10.000 kilometers that separate the two regions cannot stand in the way of well-functioning business ties. In light of how the international economy currently works, and what the emerging future trends suggest, it is apparent that China is and will remain one of the crucial global economic players. The impressive pace of economic progress in this enormous Asian nation has created unparalleled economic opportunities that all countries must engage lest they fall behind the main trends in the global economy.
China is currently the second largest global economy, ranking behind the United States and ahead of Japan. On average, it has produced a growth of 10% annually for thirty years now. There are many areas in this huge country that propel this immense growth forward, and one of the core areas consists of Shenzhen and the region surrounding the Pearl River delta. The proximity of Hong Kong and Canton (Guangzhou), the local manufacturing base, the innovative environment, and the ambitious leaders guiding the city, as well as the immense work performed here over the past couple of years, all underline that we made the right choice when we decided to set up our Chinese office in this region. Shenzhen, a city of currently 16 million, is the right base for an enterprise that engages in extensive activities aimed at fostering business ties in a variety of business sectors. The market that becomes accessible from Shenzhen in the 200 km region adjacent to the city is gradually emerging as a megalopolis at the Pearl River delta. It comprises some 120 million persons and six cities, each of which boasts at least four million residents (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Dongguan, Foshan and Jiangmen). Our Chinese business partner supported to establish an office in Budapest because there was a growing interest in our services, which necessitated a European branch to coordinate the commissions we receive from clients. Through our Budapest office we would like to satisfy our Hungarian and other European client´s need to personally meet our staff. By taking the step of opening this office, we have made customer service more effective and customer relations also work more smoothly.
In our experience, building Chinese-European – including Chinese-Hungarian – business relations is veritably an adventure, and hence our invitation to join the adventure was by no means meant to be in jest. This shouldn´t discourage anyone, of course; if anything, we´d like to inspire you to move in this direction. Yes, there will be obstacles and trials, twists and turns galore, as well as challenges to overcome. But with the right partner to accompany you on this adventure, all these efforts should bear fruit in the form of a successful business cooperation. That is where Hungarian High Tech Investment&Service Ltd. can serve your needs, where we can be of assistance. Not for soldiers of fortune recklessly dashing ahead, but for those ready and committed enterprises interested in a more serious kind of adventure.